Our Jewish Roots

We provide home care reflective of Jewish values and guided by the principles embedded within our faith, heritage and culture.

With us, you can receive culturally sensitive care with the emphasis on Kashrut, daily routine assistance, and holidays preparation. All caregivers have Yiddishkeit training in Jewish codes of conduct, traditional requirements, spirituality, and the ability to speak in variety of languages for assistance.

From Yiddish to Hebrew to Russian, we can provide care in your preferred language. We believe that our clients have the primary responsibility for their own health, safety, and faith. It is our goal to help them regain, attain, and maintain their optimal independence and lifestyle.

Shalom means peace. It evokes feelings of contentment, wholeness, wellbeing and harmony, and also means “Hello!”

Home is where the heart is, and it enables us to recharge, spend time with our loved ones and feel secure. We care for you and your loved ones the way we want to be cared for.

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