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Do you remember what great customer service feels like? We received a first class service, an amazing caregiver, and paid affordable pricing. When you acknowledge a person's competency at their job, you no longer need to search any further. What an excellent team! Thank you Shalom Home Care!

Personal Care Service


We hired a nurse from the Shalom Agency. We expected that everything will be done properly. What we didn't expect is to encounter  deep rooted care and empathy. She became an extended family member, just like that! People create experiences. You can be proud of your Nurses!

Nursing Service

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Shalom home care assisted our family with bringing back our father from the hospital. They came to the hospital and prepared absolutely everything at home, to the smallest detail. They turned our stressful time into a positive experience. Thank you for your thoughtfullness, support and professionalism.

Hospital Discharge Service

We are great at long distance relationships!

We live out of town, and had arranged care for our mother. Shalom Team provided daily coordination and reports. The agency eased our mind, helped and accommodated our family in any way they could. We trust this Team and recommend this company to anyone who asks. Thank you Shalom Team!

Care management Service

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