UpMaid Germicide RTU 4LT ( Volume Discounts, includes 40 units in this order)

UpMaid Germicide RTU is broad spectrum product which kills 99.9% of bacteria and most of disease-causing viruses. It kills most dangerousviruses like Ebola virus,HIV,HINI,SARS related viruses, Influenza andaccording to Health Canada statement, it is expected to be effectiveagainst COVID-19 as wellUpMaid Germicide RTU can be used on all water washable surfaces.It is recommended to be used in Hospitals,Dental Clinics,Doctor's Offices,Schools, Colleges, Nurseries, Retirement Houses, Gyms, Parlors,Kitchens, Bathrooms, Cars, Public Transportations, Hotels, Restaurantsand etc. According to CFIA UpMaid Germicide RTU is safe for food contactsurfaces.We are proud to say that as all of our products UpMaid Germicide RTU isnatural, Eco-Friendly product! It is free of Ammonia, Alcohol, Sulphateand Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylate!It is biodegradablesupersafe product! 


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