Geriatric Exercise Tools for 2021

January 29, 2021

Geriatric Exercise Tools for 2021

Exercise has limitless benefits for those of all ages. For seniors, there are additional benefits, those that can expand a life!
As we age, our bodies take a little longer to repair themselves, but moderate physical activity is good, actually great! In fact, for most people, the benefits of exercising on a regular basis far outweigh the risks. Even elderly with chronic illnesses can find ways to work out safely. Countless medical conditions can be improved through physical workouts, including Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure.
Do you have fears about falling, or pain concerns? Possibly you believe that exercising purely isn’t for you. Let us show you that an active lifestyle is the most beneficial to your wellbeing. Because exercise is not just about adding years to your life, it’s about adding life to your years.
In this article, let’s discus the best geriatric exercise tools for 2021, and you can see for yourself, that being active doesn’t need to be such a scary, unreachable endeavour.
1.     Hand Exercisers
Are you struggling with your grip, have restricted motion in your fingers? Do you maybe have a hard time opening doors, jars, holding items with a firm grasp? This handgrip by Pykal is highly reviewed by sufferers of arthritis and other joint issues. Unlike some other brands, The Hand Power Pro is highly durable and flexible. Made of super tough material, it is designed for longevity and your comfort in mind. Elderly patients state it is painless to use, making it ideal for people with stiff hands that want a gentle exercise. This stress ball is perfect for use while watching tv, or reading a book.  It is also a great tool for occupational therapists to prevent carpal tunnel as well. This tool provides 22 to 88 pounds of resistance. We may be partnering up with them in the near future to provide these exclusively from Canada. In the mean time, you can find them here:

2.     Free Weights
Another useful equipment to help build muscle strength in various areas of the body is a free weight.  Free weights are any freely moving objects that are used to provide external resistance during physical activity. They may include barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. You can even use a water bottle filled with sand to give a little resistance for you without purchasing equipment. In any capacity you choose to go with, they have many advantages, and comparatively few disadvantages. 
Here are some main advantages of free weights:

  1. They’re adaptable – You can do a huge variety of different exercises with just 1 product. You build muscles through repetitive motions.
  2. They’re efficient – You can work lots of muscles at the same time, which mean you don’t need to do it for a long duration.
  3. They’re cost effective – You can purchase free weights relatively inexpensively, or make your own. Either way, they are significantly less expensive then most other types of equipment.  
Free weights are not without their disadvantage however. The two main shortcomings are:
  1. They can seem scary or intimidating – This is particularly accurate for barbells.
  2. They can cause injury if used incorrectly – Specifically to those who are inexperienced in using them.

You should always start light with the smallest amount of weight, and work your way into heavier weight levels. Same idea would be suggested for the exercises themselves. Always work your way up to more advanced exercises as you gain experience. Two to three strength/resistance training workouts a week will provide greatest benefits. Exercise all muscle groups by doing one or two sets of 10 to 15 repetitions at moderate intensity. At Shalom Home Care, we recommend the following product:

These are Neoprene Coated Set of Dumbbell Hand Weights. Neoprene coating on iron dumbbells in very comfortable and simple to use. They come in 3 pair sets, each one in different weight to provide all the muscle strengthening exercises you will wish to do. You can also integrate these dumbbells into other forms of exercise such as jogging and walking. They come with a stand for easy storage, and their hexagonal shape prevents them from rolling. A definite safety benefit for the elderly. This, in our opinion, makes them a great starting point. We suggest these for seniors who are new to resistance training, and have fairly low level of muscle strength. 

3.     Flexibility and Stretching Equipment
Flexibility and stretching exercises are tremendously important as we age, since they help maintain daily living activities. You should aim to do flexibility and stretching exercises daily by completing either resistance training activities or aerobics. This will help diminish the risk of injury while you exercise, and help you perform those exercises accurately.
For this type of activity, you don’t necessarily need to purchase any special equipment.  Most exercises can be done lying down, sitting or standing. You can just place a blanket, yoga mat if you have one, or  even a towel, to help make it more comfortable.  And while you don’t need any equipment to help with flexibility  and stretching exercises, there are some items that can help you make your workouts as effective as possible. Our recommendation below:

TheraBand FlexBar  is ideal for those suffering from tennis elbow pain and looking to increase flexibility and range of motion. Ridged design is easy to grip, twist and swing for elbow, wrist, forearm and hand rehabilitation. It is a convenient exercise tool for rehab, and injury prevention. The packaging includes detailed exercise instructions. It seems simple and effective. At-home exercises means you can help treat pain too.
Lastly, please keep in mind; despite the restrictions currently in place, there are still a lot of activities you can do at home. Remember, you can continue to go outside to get fresh air and exercise while practicing the recommended physical distancing.  
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